The Black Market Auction House

The Black Market Auction House (BMAH) offers a range of rare items, but they may sell for extremely high prices! The items on offer are random, so you'll have to monitor it regularly to catch new offerings. Some of the mounts that may appear there were formerly retired and the BMAH is their only remaining source; others continue to be obtainable from other sources. All items are placed for sale by the game and not other players.

In Dragonflight the entrance to the Black Market Auction House is located in the cliff face below Little Scales Daycare in Valdrakken.

Mounts that have no other known source

It's possible these mounts can ONLY be obtained from the BMAH, though they once had other sources.

Mounts that have alternative sources

If you're patient you may be able to obtain these without spending a lot of gold on the BMAH. Some are rare loot drops from NPCs, others are trading card mounts that can be obtained using real money, or occasionally with gold on the regular Auction House.