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Patch 10.1
new mounts and mount models

The mysterious Zaralek Cavern has opened beneath the Dragon Isles! This patch introduces over a dozen new mounts, including some based on the zone's native shalewings and rock snails.

Gladiator's Slitherdrakes

The sinuous Obsidian Gladiator's Slitherdrake is the Arena Season 2 reward for Dragonflight, and matches the new dragonriding mount that everyone can earn in this patch.

Dragonflight Season 2

Inferno Armoredons

This fiery armoredon is the Mythic+ Keystone reward for season 2, and a sharp contrast to the icy armoredon from season 1.

Magma Slugs

Seething Cache Puzzle in Zaralek Cavern


A brilliant blue magmammoth can be purchased from Saccratros in Loamm. It costs 100 Coveted Baubles, which can be obtained from Spinsoa (standing nearby) for one Coveted Bauble per Unearthed Fragrant Coin. The latter can be obtained from various world quests and events in Zaralek Cavern.


Trading Post - Bonus Reward

Rock Snails

We're only aware of one rock snail mount so far (out of a possible 6, each with its own vivid colour!) The pink one takes a few weeks of daily effort (less with reputation buffs). To begin, speak to Briggul in Glimmerogg and pick up the introductory quest, Come Snail Away. As you complete the quests offered each day, your reputation with the faction 'Glimmerogg Racer' will increase. When you reach maximum reputation ('Professional'), Briggul will offer you the mount.

Glimmerogg Racer quests in Zaralek Cavern


A green scorpion mount is likely to be available in a future Trading Post month.

Trading Post


At least six different shalewing mounts are available in Zaralek Cavern, each from a different source. Click on their icons for more details.

Ponzo in Zaralek Cavern
Loamm Niffen
Renown Rank 3
Researchers Under Fire event reward
Karokta in Zaralek Cavern
Saccratros in Zaralek Cavern
Harlowe Marl in Zaralek Cavern
Renown Rank 18


TCG Card: Wasteland Shorestrider

Tarecgosa Drake

Blue Dragonflight quest chain in the Dragon Isles

Tyrael's Charger

Trading Post

Vicious War Snails

These fiery snails are the Alliance and Horde rewards for Dragonflight rated PvP match season 2.

Rated PvP - Dragonflight Season 2
Rated PvP - Dragonflight Season 2


Blizzard Shop

Winding Slitherdrakes

Patch 10.1 introduces a fifth dragonriding model! It's awarded to you after you progress through the storyline of Zaralek Cavern, up to the quest, Worst of the Worst.

Winged Lava Horses

Trading Post

New looks, but coming later, or release date uncertain

Battle Turtles - Coming Later

Grotto Nether Drakes - Coming Later

Shalewings - Coming Later

Master of the Troubled Timeways during the Turbulent Timeways event

Matching Companion Pets

Matching companions for new mounts

New matching companions for older mounts