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Patch 10.2.5: Seeds of Renewal
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Patch 10.2.5 is a minor patch, but introduces some handsome new mounts that are available during upcoming Trading Post, Love is in the Air, Noblegarden, and Hearthstone 10th Anniversary events, as well as a couple of mounts offered during the new Azerothian Archives feature of 10.2.5.

Trading Post

Some really gorgeous new mounts are coming to the Trading Post in upcoming months! The Fur-endship Fox and X-53 Touring Rocket are available during February (the latter was originally a Recruit A Friend reward and hasn't been available formany years!) We can't yet say which month the others will be available, since Blizzard doesn't usually announce upcoming Trading Post offerings more than a couple of days in advance.

Blizzard Shop

The Twilight Sky Prowler is available for a limited time in the Shop, as part of The Twilight Pack. This bundle includes the mount and a matching 'Twilight Witch's' transmog set, and it will be removed from sale after 29 Feb 2024. The official notes say that The Twilight Pack may arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after the set leaves the Shop.

Blizzard Shop

Miscellaneous Promotions

This year Hearthstone celebrates its 10th Anniversary! At least two new WoW mounts will be offered during the festivities, including a red version of the original blue Hearthsteed that was offered during Hearthstone's launch.

Hearthstone 10th Anniversary
Hearthstone 10th Anniversary

Zone & Event Quest Chains

Gilnean Reclamation Quest Chain

Azerothian Archives

Two mounts are available from Azerothian Archives 'Big Dig' events, new in 10.2.5. The hornstrider has a chance to drop during the digs, and the thunder lizard can be purchased using a new currency that can be earned from doing the same activities. An introductory Azerothian Archives quest can be picked up from a banner hanging on the wall of The Roasted Ram pub in Valdrakken. See Wowhead's guide for more information.

Azerothian Archives event drop
Provisioner Aristta in Azerothian Archives, Thaldraszus

Love is in the Air

A magenta mana ray can be purchased during the Love is in the Air festival, which occurs around the second half of February each year (close to Valentine's Day). Check your in-game calendar for the precise dates. The Love Tokens used to purchase this mount can be earned by performing daily quests during the event.

Release Uncertain or Coming In A Later Patch

New mount looks that have not yet been implemented

Brilliant Peafowl - Unused Looks

Flying Love Foxes - Unused Looks

Matching Companion Pets

Matching companions for new mounts

New matching companions for older mounts