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New 12-Month Subscription Offer: Includes Up to Four New Mounts

Blizzard are offering a new 12-month subscription bundle that includes the Gargantuan Grrloc murloc mount, Telix the Stormhorn - a flying rhinoceros beetle mount, the Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm from the existing 6-month subscription bundle, and all the items from the upcoming Lunar New Year bundle (which looks like it'll include a bunny mount!). The offer also includes a Festering Emerald Drake Mount for WoW Classic which isn't usable in the retail game and so won't appear in Warcraft Mounts.

Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm Promo Ends 28 Nov

You have until 28 November to claim your Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm. This deathly proto-drake mount is free - all you have to do is complete the Death Knight starting quest chain in Wrath of the Lich King Classic and you'll receive it in the retail game. The offer ends with the start of Dragonflight.

Tuskarr Shoreglider Mount - 'Epic Upgrade' for WotLK Classic

The Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch event has started!

To accompany the launch of their newest Classic expansion, Blizzard is selling Heroic and Epic 'Northrend Upgrade' packs - the latter of which includes a new Tuskarr-themed glider mount for use in the retail game: the Tuskarr Shoreglider.

Epic is the more expensive of the two upgrade packs and also includes a Kalu’ak Whalebone Glider (a lower-res variant of the Shoreglider) exclusively for use in WotLK Classic, and 30 days' game time. The goodies included in both the Heroic and Epic Upgrade packs are only for use in WotLK Classic and include a toy, a penguin pet, and a level 70 boost and gear for one WotLK Classic character.

For more details check out your regional shop (US / EU), or see Blizzard's official post.

Six-Month Subscription Offer: Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm

Receive the Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm, a brilliant blue flying serpent, for free when you purchase a 6-month subscription to World of Warcraft, or were already on a 6-month subscription at the time of the offer. Note that we don't yet know the expiry date of this offer, so please double-check it's still valid before you subscribe! Distribution of these rewards may take a while, so please be patient if you're not seeing yours yet. The Greatwyrm is also available as a standalone mount purchase in the Blizzard Shop (US/EU) if you don't want to commit to a subscription.

Purchase Dragonflight Heroic or Epic Editions and receive a Tangled Dreamweaver mount now

Both the Heroic and Epic editions of Dragonflight include the exquisite and verdant Tangled Dreamweaver mount, 'Murkastrasza' murloc companion pet, and a level 60 character boost. The more expensive Epic edition also includes 30 days' game time, Timewalker's Hearthstone Effect effect, and a couple of nice transmog items. To purchase, or for more information, visit your regional Blizzard Shop: US / EU.

New Mounts(Patch 10.0.2)

New Mounts(but not the current patch)

Coming Soon(Patch 10.0.2 but not yet released)