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World of Warcraft: The War Within - Epic Edition expansion promotional poster, featuring the blue Algarian Stormrider gryphon, Squally - a blue baby storm gryphon companion pet, 1000 Trader

Algarian Stormrider - 'The War Within' Heroic and Epic Editions

The War Within - our next WoW expansion! - is now available for preorder, in three different editions. If you order the Heroic or Epic Editions you'll also receive the Algarian Stormrider, a dynamic flying / 'dragonriding' type mount with a configurable appearance. The Epic edition is more expensive than the Heroic, but also contains 'Squally' - a baby storm gryphon companion pet, as well as 30 days' game time, a Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy, guaranteed access to the Beta test, 3 days early access when the expansion is released, a hearthstone cosmetic effect, and 250 more Traders Tender than the Heroic. For more information, or to prepurchase, visit your local Shop US / EU

Cataclysm Classic promotional poster, featuring the Runebound Firelord mount (a fire elemental with Ragnaros-inspired textures) and the Lil\’ Wrathion companion pet (a baby black dragon wearing a white turban).

Runebound Firelord mount with Cataclysm Classic 'Blazing' Packs

The next chapter of WoW Classic development - Cataclysm Classic - has been announced! While the game is free to WoW subscribers, Blizzard is also selling two 'Blazing' bonus packs: the 'Blazing Heroic Pack' and 'Blazing Epic Upgrade', both of which contain the Runebound Firelord - a Ragnaros-inspired elemental mount, as well as other goodies. The 'Epic Upgrade' is far more expensive than the 'Heroic Pack' but contains no extra collectables, just an added level 80 boost and 30 days' game time. For more information, or to purchase, visit your local Shop US / EU

The Trading Post ~ November

Left: A ghostly windrider (wyvern) and gryphon against a moonlit night sky. Right: a black and white striped and horned zhevra mount, ridden by a pink-haired troll woman in the dry landscape of the Barrens.

Three mounts are for sale in the Trading Post in November. All are old promotional mounts that have been unavailable for many years, but hopefully you already own one or more and can save some Tender. The first is the Swift Zhevra, which was our first-ever Recruit-A-Friend reward mount. The other two are the faction-restricted Spectral Wind Rider and Spectral Gryphon spectral mounts that were originally rewards from the Scroll of Resurrection program. Sadly, these latter two mounts remain faction-restricted, despite being sold separately as full-price mounts.

A dark red bat mount, with bloody aura and steel-coated wing tips. flying through the mountains of Thaldaszus in the Dragon Isles.

Prime Gaming Loot - Get an Armored Bloodwing Mount!

From now until 28 November, 2023 at 09:29 PST (17:30 GMT) Prime Gaming subscribers can claim a free Armored Bloodwing for World of Warcraft. Thismount was previously available in the Blizzard Shop, but was retired some years ago. To be eligible, you have to have both a Twitch and a Prime Gaming account (you can create a trial Prime Gaming account for free then cancel it later!) and have both linked to your Blizzard account. Then visit Prime Gaming Rewards to claim your prize! Blizzard has provided detailed instructions here.

A saddled fish mount, floating above a beach. It looks like an orange & white goldfish or ornate carp, with long, elegant fins and whiskers. On the right is a small goldfish pet in a bubble.

You'll receive the Wondrous Wavewhisker, an elegant flying fish, for free when you purchase a 6-month or 12-month subscription to World of Warcraft, or if you were already on a 6- or 12-month recurring subscription (with a future renewal date) at the time of the offer. Note that we don't yet know the expiry date of this offer, so please double-check it's still valid before you subscribe! The Wavewhisker is also available as a standalone mount purchase in the Blizzard Shop (US/EU) if you don't want to commit to a subscription.

Purchase Dragonflight Heroic or Epic Editions and receive a Tangled Dreamweaver mount now

Both the Heroic and Epic editions of Dragonflight include the exquisite and verdant Tangled Dreamweaver mount, 'Murkastrasza' murloc companion pet, and a level 60 character boost. The more expensive Epic edition also includes 30 days' game time, Timewalker's Hearthstone Effect effect, and a couple of nice transmog items. To purchase, or for more information, visit your regional Blizzard Shop: US / EU.

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