Winding Slitherdrake

These drakes feel at home in the depths of the earth and the far reaches of the sky.

Riding Requirements:

  • This mount is available to all eligible characters on your account.
  • Level 10
  • Apprentice Riding (ground)
  • Expert Riding (flying)


This sinuous drake is our fifth dragonriding mount. It is granted to you after you progress through much of the storyline of Zaralek Cavern, culminating in the quest, Worst of the Worst.

Dragonriding mounts differ from regular flying mounts in that:
  • They can only be used in the Dragon Isles (at least, currently).
  • Their flying mechanics are completely different to normal mounts, and you'll be trained in how to use their various abilities, and advance your dragonriding talent tree, as part of the quest chain.
  • Dragonriding drakes have highly customizable appearances. You may adjust your mount's appearance at any of the Rostrums of Transformation that are found in various locations throughout the Isles.
  • You start with a selection of appearance options, but can gain more through many different sources in the Isles, including purchasing from renown vendors, quest rewards, and loot drops.

Introduced in:

Patch 10.1

Travel Mode:

  • Ground (+60% or +100% speed)
  • Flying (+150%, +280% or +310% speed)
Speed depends on your riding skill.
Winding Slitherdrake
Winding Slitherdrake taught by Winding Slitherdrake