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Name Sorted Up Level Riding Skill Travel Mode Notes
More about Abyss Worm Abyss Worm110Artisan (300)Flying
More about Aerial Unit R-21/X Aerial Unit R-21/X20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Alabaster Stormtalon Alabaster Stormtalon10Apprentice (75)Flying

Alliance Only

More about Alabaster Thunderwing Alabaster Thunderwing20Apprentice (75)Flying

Horde Only

More about Albino Drake Albino Drake70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Amani Dragonhawk Amani Dragonhawk60Artisan (300)Flying
More about Ankoan Waveray Ankoan Waveray20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Antoran Charhound Antoran Charhound110Artisan (300)Flying
More about Antoran Gloomhound Antoran Gloomhound110Artisan (300)Flying
More about Arcanist Arcanist's Manasaber1Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Archmage Archmage's Prismatic Disc110Journeyman (150)Flying

Mages Only

More about Argent Hippogryph Argent Hippogryph70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Armored Blue Dragonhawk Armored Blue Dragonhawk70Artisan (300)Flying

Alliance Only

More about Armored Blue Wind Rider Armored Blue Wind Rider70Artisan (300)Flying

Horde Only

More about Armored Red Dragonhawk Armored Red Dragonhawk70Artisan (300)Flying

Horde Only

More about Armored Skyscreamer Armored Skyscreamer80Artisan (300)Flying
More about Armored Snowy Gryphon Armored Snowy Gryphon70Artisan (300)Flying

Alliance Only

More about Ashenvale Chimaera Ashenvale Chimaera20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Ashes of Al Ashes of Al'ar70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Astral Cloud Serpent Astral Cloud Serpent90Cloud Serpent RidingFlying
More about Awakened Mindborer Awakened Mindborer0None (0)Flying


More about Azshari Bloatray Azshari Bloatray1Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Azure Cloud Serpent Azure Cloud Serpent90Cloud Serpent RidingFlying
More about Azure Drake Azure Drake70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Azure Netherwing Drake Azure Netherwing Drake70Artisan (300)Flying

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