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Name Sorted Up Level Riding Skill Travel Mode Notes
More about Buzz Buzz10apprenticeFlying
More about Callow Flayedwing Callow Flayedwing10apprenticeFlying
More about Captured Swampstalker Captured Swampstalker10apprenticeFlying

Horde Only

More about Carcinized Zerethsteed Carcinized Zerethsteed10apprenticeFlying
More about Cartel Master Cartel Master's Gearglider10apprenticeFlying
More about Celestial Steed Celestial Steed10apprenticeFlying
More about Cenarion War Hippogryph Cenarion War Hippogryph10apprenticeFlying
More about Chittering Animite Chittering Animite10apprenticeFlying
More about Clutch of Ha-Li Clutch of Ha-Li10apprenticeFlying
More about Clutch of Ji-Kun Clutch of Ji-Kun10apprenticeFlying
More about Cobalt Netherwing Drake Cobalt Netherwing Drake10apprenticeFlying
More about Cobalt Pterrordax Cobalt Pterrordax10apprenticeFlying

Horde Only

More about Colossal Slaughterclaw Colossal Slaughterclaw10apprenticeFlying
More about Corrupted Dreadwing Corrupted Dreadwing10apprenticeFlying
More about Corrupted Fire Hawk Corrupted Fire Hawk10apprenticeFlying
More about Corrupted Hippogryph Corrupted Hippogryph10apprenticeFlying
More about Cosmic Gladiator Cosmic Gladiator's Soul Eater10apprenticeFlying
More about Crimson Cloud Serpent Crimson Cloud Serpent10apprenticeFlying
More about Cryptic Aurelid Cryptic Aurelid10apprenticeFlying
More about Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix10apprenticeFlying
More about Darkmoon Dirigible Darkmoon Dirigible10apprenticeFlying
More about Darkspore Mana Ray Darkspore Mana Ray10apprenticeFlying
More about Dauntless Duskrunner Dauntless Duskrunner10apprenticeFlying
More about Dazar Dazar'alor Windreaver10apprenticeFlying
More about Deathlord Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher10apprenticeFlying

Death Knights Only

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