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Name Level Riding Skill Sorted Up Travel Mode Notes
More about Aerial Unit R-21/X Aerial Unit R-21/X10apprenticeFlying
More about Alabaster Stormtalon Alabaster Stormtalon10apprenticeFlying

Alliance Only

More about Alabaster Thunderwing Alabaster Thunderwing10apprenticeFlying

Horde Only

More about Amber Ardenmoth Amber Ardenmoth10apprenticeFlying
More about Antoran Charhound Antoran Charhound10apprenticeFlying
More about Antoran Gloomhound Antoran Gloomhound10apprenticeFlying
More about Ascended Skymane Ascended Skymane10apprenticeFlying
More about Awakened Mindborer Awakened Mindborer10apprenticeFlying
More about Azshari Bloatray Azshari Bloatray10apprenticeFlying
More about Ban-Lu, Grandmaster Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion10apprenticeFlying

Monks Only

More about Battle-Hardened Aquilon Battle-Hardened Aquilon10apprenticeFlying
More about Battlefield Swarmer Battlefield Swarmer10apprenticeFlying
More about Black Serpent of N Black Serpent of N'Zoth10apprenticeFlying
More about Bonesewn Fleshroc Bonesewn Fleshroc10apprenticeFlying
More about Bronzewing Vespoid Bronzewing Vespoid10apprenticeFlying
More about Bulbous Necroray Bulbous Necroray10apprenticeFlying
More about Buzz Buzz10apprenticeFlying
More about Callow Flayedwing Callow Flayedwing10apprenticeFlying
More about Carcinized Zerethsteed Carcinized Zerethsteed10apprenticeFlying
More about Cartel Master Cartel Master's Gearglider10apprenticeFlying
More about Chittering Animite Chittering Animite10apprenticeFlying
More about Colossal Slaughterclaw Colossal Slaughterclaw10apprenticeFlying
More about Cosmic Gladiator Cosmic Gladiator's Soul Eater10apprenticeFlying
More about Cryptic Aurelid Cryptic Aurelid10apprenticeFlying
More about Darkspore Mana Ray Darkspore Mana Ray10apprenticeFlying

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