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Name Sorted Up Level Riding Skill Travel Mode Notes
More about Ebon Gryphon Ebon Gryphon60Expert (225)Flying

Alliance Only

More about Eclipse Dragonhawk Eclipse Dragonhawk70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Emerald Drake Emerald Drake70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Enchanted Fey Dragon Enchanted Fey Dragon20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Endmire Flyer Endmire Flyer0Apprentice (75)Flying


More about Ensorcelled Everwyrm Ensorcelled Everwyrm20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Expedition Bloodswarmer Expedition Bloodswarmer20Apprentice (75)Flying

Horde Only

More about Experiment 12-B Experiment 12-B85Artisan (300)Flying
More about Explorer Explorer's Jungle Hopper20Apprentice (75)Flying


More about Farseer Farseer's Raging Tempest110Journeyman (150)Flying

Shamans Only

More about Feldrake Feldrake20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Felfire Hawk Felfire Hawk70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Felglow Mana Ray Felglow Mana Ray110Artisan (300)Flying
More about Felsteel Annihilator Felsteel Annihilator100Artisan (300)Flying
More about Flameward Hippogryph Flameward Hippogryph70Artisan (300)Flying
More about Flying Carpet Flying Carpet60Expert (225)Flying

Tailoring (300)

More about Flying Machine Flying Machine60Expert (225)Flying

Engineering (1)

More about Frosty Flying Carpet Frosty Flying Carpet70Artisan (300)Flying

Tailoring (1)

More about G.M.O.D. G.M.O.D.120Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Geosynchronous World Spinner Geosynchronous World Spinner20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Ghastly Charger Ghastly Charger20Apprentice (75)Flying
More about Gilded Prowler Gilded Prowler0Apprentice (75)Flying


More about Golden Cloud Serpent Golden Cloud Serpent90Cloud Serpent RidingFlying
More about Golden Gryphon Golden Gryphon60Expert (225)Flying

Alliance Only

More about Grand Armored Gryphon Grand Armored Gryphon80Artisan (300)Flying

Alliance Only

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