Patch 9.2.5

Patch 9.2.5
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Patch 9.2.5 is a minor patch, but it still introduces at least six handsome new mounts: two racial mounts are available at launch, and the other four PvP mounts will be available when Season 4 arrives (which will be later in the patch). There's also evidence of a seventh, encrypted 'slime cat' mount, but we aren't yet sure when that will become available.

Blizzard Shop / Promotions / Trading Card Game : Collector's Editions

Dragonflight Collector's Edition

Quests & Exploration: Mount Quest Chains

These two mounts are the rewards from new racial questlines for the Dark Iron Dwarves and Blood Elves, and the questlines are only offered to characters of those races. The Dark Iron storyline is only available to those who achieve Heritage status, which requires reaching level 50 as a Dark Iron without any boosts or race-changing. Access to the Blood Elf quest chain requires Exalted with Silvermoon City.

Dark Iron Heritage quest chain in Blackrock Depths

Player vs Player: Vicious Mounts - Rated PvP

The upcoming Season 4 Rated PvP ('Vicious') mounts will be a pair of Vicious Warstalkers. Season 4 won't begin until later in the patch.

Rated PvP - Shadowlands Season 4
Rated PvP - Shadowlands Season 4

Player vs Player: Arena

This copper-tinted soul eater is the reward for PvP Arena Season 4. Season 4 won't begin until later in the patch.

Shadowlands Season 4

Achievements: Dungeon Keystone & Challenge Modes

The Keystone Master reward for Season 4 is this regal purple deathwalker elemental. Season 4 won't begin until later in the patch.