Loyal Gorger

Crawling forth from the cracks between the realms, the devourers have a voracious appetite for anima. Little is known of their origins, but all denizens of the Shadowlands see their recent boldness as a sign of the end times.

Riding Requirements:

  • This mount is available to all eligible characters on your account.
  • Level 10
  • Apprentice Riding


To earn this dark anima gorger you first need to obtain an Impressionable Gorger Spawn, which is a rare loot item from the Worldedge Gorger world boss in Revendreth. This world boss isn't up all the time, but must be spawned by a player using Enticing Anima, which is an uncommon drop from the various gorger and devourer NPCs in Revendreth. It's better to look for Worldedge Gorger groups in group finder than try to farm this item daily.

Once you've been lucky enough to obtain an Impressionable Gorger Spawn, it will immediately be removed from your bags and you'll receive a message that the Gorger Spawn has run off towards the Endmire. You can find it again as an NPC at approximately 63, 56. Each day, for seven days, the NPC will offer you a quest and will continue to grow and form a bond with you. After completing the seventh quest you'll receive the mount.

Introduced in:

Patch 9.0

Travel Mode:

  • Ground (+60% or +100% speed)
Speed depends on your riding skill.
Loyal Gorger Loyal Gorger Loyal Gorger Loyal Gorger

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