Mounts Coming in Legion Patch 7.3: Argus

Patch 7.3 is still in the early stages of development so many mounts still lack details, such as a source. Several of the new models have many fabulous colour variants and more may become available before release. All information here may change without notice!

Argus Talbuks

A spiny Argus take on the traditional talbuk mount. It comes in a huge range of colours. So far it appears that all or most are associated with a new reputation, "Argussian Reach".

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :

Mana Rays

A more savage cousin of the nether ray, these mana rays should have a colour for everyone! Sources are currently unknown.

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :


A really stunning new take on the usually more subdued mechanical suit. Its source is currently unknown.


Perhaps the most horrifying mount ever created (arachnophobes may disagree), ur'zul are formed from "the tormented bodies and souls of fallen members of the Army of the Light". The red one appears to be a drop from the Mythic version of the upcoming raid, "Antorus, the Burning Throne".

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :

Vile Fiends

This evil creature is something like a wingless felbat. There's actually only one colour for this mount in the database, but the non-mount model has three other distinctive colours, all of which work perfectly on the mount. We've displayed them below.

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :


This fancy new purple rocket is likely to be purchasable at the Darkmoon Faire.


One dark and handsome new dreamrunner is coming in 7.3. The name of its source ('Puzzler's Desire') suggests it'll be another fun puzzle like the Riddler's Mind-Worm.

Storm Dragons

A fel version of the Gladiator's Storm Dragon is coming. While it has no source currently, it seems likely that it'll be linked to an upcoming Arena Season.

Antoran Hounds

These demonic creatures, half-way between a felbat and a felstalker hound, are mount versions of F'harg and Shartug, two bosses in the upcoming raid, Antorus: The Burning Throne. We don't know their source but perhaps they'll be associated with the raid.

What else might we see...?

It appears that there are more mounts on the way, but the models are currently encrypted and can't be viewed. Their file names are all we have to speculate upon.

  • Firstly, there's a Panthara mount, which we assume will be a mount version of the Panthara beasts we're seeing on Argus. It looks like it will come in three colours.
  • Secondly, a pair of Horde and Alliance mounts, which (by name) may be related to faction transports. The theme of the Horde one may be a kind of zeppelin and the Alliance one a ship or airship.

Encrypted mounts are often linked to special promotions, but we don't know if that's the case here. We'll post more when we find out details!