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Latest WoD additions: The new build brings a fancy new raptor model, named the 'Vicious War Raptor'. The name almost certainly means that this mount will be the Troll addition to the Vicious War family of Rated Battleground reward mounts, and suggests that we'll see its Alliance counterpart soon. Will it be a ram, an elekk or a mechanostrider? We'll have to wait and see! See our Warlords of Draenor page for all the new mount colours and models of the upcoming expansion.

Chopper news: While the Horde chopper isn't available yet, it's important that you log in to the game between now and 30 September in order to be eligible for it.

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Great news for collectors of Ancestral Phoenixes! Blizzard have announced that earning Challenge Conqueror: Silver will soon award you a set of all four Ancestral Phoenix colours, instead of just one. Furthermore, the mounts are going to become account-wide! MoP dungeon challenge modes will end with a pre-Warlords of Draenor patch. You only have until that date (currently unknown) to earn these mounts.
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