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Antorus unlocks

With the opening of Antorus, the Burning Throne, four exciting new mounts are now available!

Antoran Charhound
The fiery Antoran Charhound drops from F'harg on any difficulty, including LFR.

Antoran Gloomhound
Its shadowy counterpart, the Antoran Gloomhound, is the reward from the raid meta-achievement, Glory of the Argus Raider.

Violet Spellwing
As ridden by Khadgar, the Violet Spellwing is awarded by a quest chain that begins with an item that drops from Argus the Unmaker on Heroic difficulty and above.

Shackled Ur\
Finally, the horrifying Shackled Ur'zul may drop from Argus the Unmaker on Mythic difficulty only.

Who will dominate?

Dominant Gladiator\
The penultimate PvP season of Legion has just opened. The reward this time is the dark-tan Dominant Gladiator's Storm Dragon. Good luck to all our Gladiators vying for this exclusive mount!

Time After Time...

Infinite Timereaver
Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeons are open for this week. With each boss you defeat there's a small chance of looting your very own Infinite Timereaver. You can queue for these dungeons in the group finder. Good luck!

BlizzCon in-game goodies revealed - new mounts available now!

Blizzard has just revealed the in-game rewards for BlizzCon 2017, including a pair of unique, two-passenger faction mounts - the Stormwind Skychaser skyship and Orgrimmar Interceptor zeppelin. You will receive these if you attend BlizzCon this year, or you can use them in-game right now if you buy a Virtual Ticket!

Shades of Argus

See our Patch 7.3 Mount Guide for the veritable herd of awesome new mounts on Argus!

Armory update issues...

A small number of mounts (approx. 9) are still missing from the official Armory and so require manual updates to your collections. These include the Felsaber, Chauffeured Mechano-Hog and Acherus Deathcharger, as well as six old and retired mounts from Vanilla. Sadly there's nothing more we can do until Blizzard adds them. See the forum thread for more information.

New Mounts(Patch 7.3.2)

Upcoming Mounts(Patch 7.3.5)

Upcoming Mounts(later patches, or uncertain release date)

Mounts Coming in Battle for Azeroth

The list below only includes mounts that have already been assigned spells.